Our Mission

We have a very simple but powerful and meaningful purpose and intention. Our primary goals are to support the protection of the rainforest and other wilderness and natural areas, To document and rescue vanishing Indigenous plant lore and create a new ethnobotany that seeks to strengthen the bridge of knowledge transmission among elders and youth, To protect Indigenous medicinal plant knowledge and support traditional healers, assist Indigenous people’s communities in their struggle for cultural and territorial autonomy,¬† To enact programs which encourage


Ecuadorian Secoya Elder

the revivification of an ecologically sound and economically sustainable relationship between people and the forest, and To promote rainforest conservation projects and offer volunteer opportunities.

We intend to achieve these goals through a multitude of forest and wildlife conservation projects, raising local awareness, working directly with Indigenous groups,¬† and by supporting¬† other local conservation foundations and projects. You can view our current projects and past successes on our “Projects” page, we also have many photos and videos in our “Gallery” as well as free downloadable resources.