Our Work

The OSA Foundation has worked extensively in Ecuador since 1990 on projects among indigenous ethnic minorities. Among many other successful projects, we have helped to create biological reserves, decolonized and demarcated indigenous territories, and have supported the revival of cultural values that strengthen community participation in rainforest conservation and sustainable resource management. In the year 2000 Jonathon Miller Weisberger, the foundation’s director, moved to Costa Rica and founded Guaria de Osa – Rainforest Ocean Discovery Centre


Agua Santa Youth

and Ethnobotanical Gardens located on Playa Rincón de San Josecito. It is on this 2-kilometer long beach that our turtle Conservation efforts are being


Work continues throughout Ecuador and Costa Rica, we are now in our 9th year running our Marine Turtle Conservation project. We continue to support the Agua Santa Community through different reforestation and water accessibility projects. Out Guayusa Tea house project is currently employing several locals to produce local guayusa teas for sale at above market value prices. All profits from this project go directly back to community, the funds are used to improve local living conditions and create new sustainable job opportunities for these locals.

All current projects and well as successfully completed projects can be viewed on our “Projects” page. You can also see a summary of projects performed from 1994-2000″ here