Guayusa Tea House

Drying Tea Leaves

Drying Tea Leaves

The Guayusa Tea House is proud to offer top quality, wildcrafted, solar dried Guayusa leaves direct from the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The purchase of this tea creates a sustainable economic livelihood for small farmers, families and the communities of the Amazon rainforest. The economic alternatives that these people face are limited to unsustainable methods of the oil drilling and timber harvesting industries. These practices cause irreversible damage to these environments which are the lungs of our planet and home to the most biodiverse ecosystems anywhere found on earth.

Strengthen the bridge between rainforest conservation and good health by drinking the Guayusa Tea House’s premium Guayusa tea. The Guayusa Tea House has created a market driven rainforest conservation and restoration project linking conscientious people worldwide by paying above market value prices to indigenous growers who are dedicated to protecting the most bio-diverse ecosystems on our planet. Live responsibly and healthy by drinking Guayusa tea. Enjoy a cup knowing that you have made a difference.


Guayusa is a rare, naturally caffeinated herbal tea produced from the leaves of a holly tree (Ilex Guayusa). Guayusa can be found growing in the Amazon Rainforest regions of Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.

It is estimated that over 98% of the Guayusa trees in the world are located in Ecuador, making it the epicenter of Guayusa habitat on the planet.

The Guayusa that the Guayusa Tea House sources  is grown and hand picked (wildcrafted) by indigenous farmers under the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

Processing Tea LeavesGuayusa has been part of Amazonian culture for over 2000 years and is treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids which awaken the mind and fortify the body.  Guayusa is a botanical cousin to Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis ) which has gained amazing popularity throughout the world in recent years for its health benefits and energizing effect.

What sets Guayusa apart from all other teas is foremost its extremely smooth flavor that is less bitter than many teas and has a delicious earthy and floral flavor. Guayusa also exceeds many other teas and foods for its energizing effects and health benefiting qualities..truely, Guayusa is a Superfood. Guayusa is great served hot or cold or with lemon or honey. In addition, the leaves may be boiled or steeped many times without losing their flavor.

Guayusa’s amazing health benefits and superb flavor are quickly making it popular throughout the world.