Current Projects

Marine Turtle Conservation

Precious Turtle Eggs

Sea turtles have lived in the world’s oceans for more than 150 million years. Sadly these ancient reptiles are now globally threatened with extinction. The turtle populations are gradually declining as a result of persistent hunting, exploitation of the eggs, increasing coastal development, incidental capture in fisheries, the degradation and destruction of nesting beaches, and marine pollution.

We  first established ourturtle conservation efforts on playa Rincon de San Josecito, Osa Peninsula in 2004. Going into our 9th turtle season we are quite aware of the danger that faces the sea turtles and recognize that now more than ever, we need to raise awareness and increase our conservation efforts and continue until the turtle population trends start to recover.


Agua Santa Well Project

Water Tank Construction

Water Tank Construction

Agua Santa is a highland Quechua (Kichua) speaking community near Riobamba, in Chimborazo Province, central Andean Ecuador.  The Agua Santa community is located in the agricultural heartland of Ecuador which is responsible for producing a significant food supply for the entire country.

Water is scarce and is a precious commodity. In 2010 our foundation help to complete a community constructed water tank. As time passed after the completion, it became increasingly clear that the 2 day water supply that arrives every 8 days is simply not enough.  To continue our dedication in ensuring the survival of Agua Santa and the future success of the Dressing the Mountains in Green (DMG) project, Agua Santa needs assistance funding the construction of a water well.


Guayusa Tea House

Drying Tea Leaves

Drying Tea Leaves

The Guayusa Tea House is proud to offer top quality, wildcrafted, solar dried Guayusa leaves direct from the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The purchase of this tea creates a sustainable economic livelihood for small farmers, families and the communities of the Amazon rainforest. The economic alternatives that these people face are limited to unsustainable methods of the oil drilling and timber harvesting industries. These practices cause irreversible damage to these environments which are the lungs of our planet and home to the most biodiverse ecosystems anywhere found on earth.

The Guayusa Tea House has created a market driven rainforest conservation and restoration project linking conscientious people worldwide by paying above market value prices to indigenous growers who are dedicated to protecting the most bio-diverse ecosystems on our planet. Live responsibly and healthy by drinking Guayusa tea. Enjoy a cup knowing that you have made a difference.


Dressing The Mountains In Green

Trees Capture Water Vapor

Trees Capture Water Vapor

Dressing the Mountains in Green (Vistiendo las Montanas Verde): Initiated by Patricio Pilco and Juan Hipo, Patricio’s uncle and community leader, the Dressing the Mountains in Green (VMV) project strives to promote the survival of the Quechua speaking indigenous peoples of the high Andes Provinces. VMV reforests their degraded ancestral lands, and provides environmental education and cultural preservation resources for the public. Through planting native nitrogen enriching plants, Agua Santa will recuperate soil fertility in their province, improve water supply, and produce food for the community and native wildlife.

According to a report from the Earthwatch Institute, “Highland forests are crucial for local water supply, and studies have shown that water supply depends as much upon fog as on rainfall.” Despite the desert-like levels of precipitation of recent years in this region of the Andes, when the Ecuadorian mountains are covered with native humid forest species the growth captures the fog. Replanting this growth is the goal of this project.