Agua Santa Well Project

Agua Santa kids

Agua Santa Youth

Agua Santa is a highland Quechua (Kichua) speaking community near Riobamba, in Chimborazo Province, central Andean Ecuador.  The Agua Santa community is located in the agricultural heartland of Ecuador which is responsible for producing a significant food supply for the entire country.  However, the Inter-Andean region and future productivity is in danger.  These lands have undergone severe devastation from overgrazing and burning by colonial land barons.  The critical state of this region threatens the well being of its peoples.

Water Tank Construction

Water Tank Completed in 2010 with the assistance of the OSA Foundation

The Agua Santa villagers have already organized and have made many efforts toward improving the future of their land and of their quality of life.  Now, with climate change impacting the weather patterns in Ecuador, the region is drying out and soil erosion is at a peak.  Water is scarce and is a precious commodity. In 2010 our foundation help to complete a community constructed water tank. As time passed after the completion, it became increasingly clear that the 2 day water supply that arrives every 8 days is simply not enough.  To continue our dedication in ensuring the survival of Agua Santa and the future success of the Dressing the Mountains in Green (DMG) project, Agua Santa needs assistance funding the construction of a water well.

Reforestation Area

Previously Rich Forest Is Now Desert

The well will be built at the base of Miraloma hill, where a group of Italian and Japanese water engineers with Juan Patricio have located a source, where it is evident that many years ago, when the region was once inter-Andean mountain forest, there was a lake and spring. Now it is a barren desert! Here a well can be made, and the water pumped into a holding tank that will then be pumped up 95 meters to the top of Miraloma hill where the community built a water storage tank, that has piping 80% installed distributing the water to the villagers. We believe this well project in conjunction with our reforestation projects and the continued environmental education of locals should provide a sustainable supply of water to the Agua Santa village for generations to come.

You can find a detailed project proposal “here”, for further inquiries and/or budget details for possible donors, please ‘contact us’