We believe that by working together we can accomplish much more than if we were to work alone. In the spirit of solidarity we have partnered with the organizations listed below.   Much gratitude is expressed to our partners, with out their help we would not be able to effectively continue our conservation projects.



The Living Bridges Foundation acts as our U.S. based fiscal sponsor and allows us to receive 501-C3 tax deductible living bridges logodonations. Their foundation connects indigenous community’s educational and civil projects and NGOs with private European and American foundations. The community project participants work to improve their community’s present and future as well as educate people of all ages in indigenous traditions. In addition, they raise money to seed new projects awaiting more long-term funding or provide interim funding for projects between grants. Their dedicated support helped us achieve success in our “Dressing The Mountains In Green” program.


be as one logoThe Be As One Foundation acts as our U.K. based fiscal sponsor and allows us to receive U.K. based donations. Their foundation is active in a variety of conservation projects. Most of these projects are Marine Conservation related, some of their most known projects are protecting dolphins from destructive fishing practices here in Costa Rica, Protecting magnificent and critically endangered Dugongs from hunting practices in Malaysia, sterilization of out of control street dog populations in India, protecting habitat and rehabilitating captive and wild Asian Elephants. We look forward to mutual conservation projects and are grateful to have such a foundation on our team.


guaria logoGuaria de Osa Eco Lodge and Ethno-Botanical Gardens has been a valuable partner throughout all years of our turtle conservation project. Since the very first years of the Hawksbill Mama’s project, they have graciously donated accommodation for our volunteers and allowed us to use their pristine beach front jungle location as our project headquarters.  They also donate a large percentage of their profits into our different conservation projects in Costa Rica and Ecuador. We are so grateful to have such a dedicated long term partner, we look forward to continuing our conservation efforts with them.



If you are an individual or organization that would like to get involved and help out our conservation efforts, please contact us, or make a donation. Together we are strong and can accomplish the most amazing things.