Quick Turtle Facts

Did you know?

All species of sea turtle are endangered and need protection. Sea turtles return to their natal beach to nest. The beach a turtle chooses to nest is the same one, she herself was hatched on many years previously.

If a nesting colony is destroyed a turtle may never return. The sex of a turtle is largely determined by the temperature at which the egg develops in the beach.  Warmer temperatures result in females whilst cooler temperatures result in males.

Sea turtles can take 20-30 years to become sexually mature. It is estimated that less than 1 in over 1000 eggs survives to adulthood. Sea turtles lumber ashore at night to lay 40-180 leathery, pingpong ball sized eggs.

After 45 days of incubation in the sand, hatchlings use the light of the horizon to direct them to the sea. Artificial light near the beach disorientates hatchlings. Once disorientated these hatchlings may die from dehydration.